The Little Oaks staff are passionate about childhood development and deliver an extremely high standard of early childhood education.
Staffing levels exceed Ministry of Education guidelines, making the ratio of teachers to children high, while ensuring the best possible environment for learning.
"To become an ideal teacher we need knowledge, experience with children, intuition and inspiration which, in turn, gives unlimited patience, unquestionable hope, and faith that works miracles" Latha Gopinathan

Little Oaks strive to provide continual support and training to our staff along with regular appraisals, goal setting sessions and professional development. If you have a compassionate approach to teaching which recognizes the needs of each child and their path to self-education Little Oaks would love to hear from you.

Sarah Laslett

Head Teacher   

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning

Marta Tymieniecki

Montessori Teacher   

In Training - Bachelor of Teaching & Learning

Adriane Stone


Diploma of Teaching Early Childhood Education, Dunedin Teachers College, Montessori Qualified Teacher

Jo Macfarlane


Diploma in Teaching and Learning (ECE)
London Montessori Diploma

The Montessori philosophy of freedom, love, respect and good work ethics enables children to thrive, learning through specially designed toys and a unique  prepared environment. "I'm passionate about giving every child that walks through our doors the best possible start in the adventure that is life" Jo teachers on the floor  in all  Little Oaks Preschool classrooms supporting our wonderful teachers to be the best we can be.

Jane Foster Office Manager

Office Manager

Julie Guthrie ECE Teacher

Her personal teaching philosophy is based on responsive, reciprocal relationships with children and families; responding to children's interests and learning dispositions in literacy and numeracy rich environments; with programmes based on ongoing child assessment and programme evaluation.