Nic Hiatt

Manager   Diploma of Teaching & Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Teachers Registration
Montessori Papers 1,2

A teacher at Cheviot Little Oaks since 2002, I am passionate about children and believe that every child is special and unique and that they are the true teachers among us. I enjoy the Montessori philosophy as I believe that it empowers children to have a natural love of learning with a huge emphasis on respect and independence. I believe that through my role I am here to encourage, support and nurture every child in a caring and positive way. It is a privilege to work in partnership with parents, caregivers and whanau to give their children the best possible opportunities and care.

Jo Macfarlane

Owner/Licensee  Diploma in Teaching and Learning (ECE)
London Montessori Diploma

The Montessori philosophy of freedom, love, respect and good work ethics enables children to thrive, learning through specially designed toys and a unique and beautifully prepared environment.

Jenna Suckling

ECE Bachelor of Teaching & Learning

Sue Morrissey

Reliever  Bachelor of Teaching and Learning
Montessori Book 1

Sue Morrissey

Penny Ferris

Part-time Teacher  Bachelor of Teaching and Learning

Penny Ferris

Debbie Rutherford

Lunch cover teacher