Oak Tree Philosophy


To have pride within, to love to learn, to persist, to be creative, to problem-solve, to challenge, to be independent, to value and believe in ourselves and each other, to enjoy, to DREAM.... and to be the very best that we can be.


We aspire to be Positive, Professional, Reciprocal, Caring, Honest, Trusting, Collaborative, and to have Open Communication, Freedom of expression, to have Responsive Relationships with our Community and a strong sense of Belonging within it, Fostering a Community of Learners within our preschool.


To have Respect: For each other, for oneself, for our environment and all that is in it, to Appreciate, to Beautify, to be inclusive of all. We Respect and Nurture individualism and development of the whole personality.

Our philosophy is developed from the OAK TREE, an image with a strong foundation being the ROOTS. The sturdy TRUNK represents strength, binding the tree together, leading into the BRANCHES being our teachers and environment which provide the link to the LEAVES which represent the learning outcomes for children.